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There are many videos of woodcarvings on-line.
Here are a few that some of our members may like.


New - Mini Engraving Pen, Carving on Cottonwood Bark

TurboCarver Review - Micro Carver

How to Carve a Walking Stick with a Turbo Carver

How to Etch Glass with a Turbo Carver

Egg Shell Carving on a Goose Egg

Ostrich Egg Relief Carving

Basic Tools to Get Started - Introduction To Woodcarving

Let's Talk Carving Knives

Knife and ? - Which Tools to Add to YourCarving Kit

Strops - Make One, Use One

Wood Carved Alligator Swamp Wildlife Carving

How to Carve a Bear

TNCC Caricature Carving September 16, 2021

Tru North Caricature Carvers August 19, 2021

Caricature Series - Basic Carving a Small Person

Carving a Duck with Boots

Learn the Art of Fan Carving

How to Carve a Hillbilly

Four Small Men with a Skateboard

How to Carve an Owl

Paint Layering and Dry Brushing for Your Woodcarving

Pattern Making Helpful Hint

Carving of a Copperhead Snake Cane

Wood Carved Eastern King Snake and White Oak Walking Stick

Carving a Ready to Strike, Rattlesnake Cane

How to Carve a Simple Santa

How to Carve Santa with a Bag of Toys

How to Carve a Scarecrow

How to Carve a Snowman

Carving a Decorative Spoon

CAUTION - Spalted wood is wood that has just begun to be consumed by fungi and molds.


My Chip Carving - Proper Technique

 Chip Carving Basics for Beginners

 Chip Carving Creates Designs On Wood | Art Insider

Quick Start Chip Carving part 1

Quick Start Chip Carving part 2

Quick Start Chip Carving part 3

 Quick Start Chip Carving part 4



OWCA Pyrography Zoom Meeting August 12, 2021

Sue Walters Pyrography ( Woodburning ) Website

Pyrography Nibs Explained Part 1. - Sue Walters Pyrography

Pyrography Nibs Explained Part 2. The Skew - Sue Walters Pyrography

Pyrography Nibs Explained Part 3. The Writing tip - Sue Walters Pyrography

Pyrography Nibs Explained Part 4. The Shading tip - Sue Walters Pyrography

Burning Textures #1 Basket Weave - Sue Walters Pyrography

Burning Textures # 2 Moon Over Water - Sue Walters Pyrography

Burning Textures # 3 - 3 patterns, Rooster, Big Bang & Topography - Sue Walters Pyrography

Pyrography Textures # 4 Tread, Flicker & Burst - Sue Walters Pyrography

Pyrography Textures # 5 Crushed Velvet & Fan Palm - Sue Walters Pyrography

Burning Textures # 6 Fish Scale - Sue Walters Pyrography

The tea strainer nib cleaner - Sue Walters Pyrography



Airbrushing for Beginners | Easy tips

 The Most Important Airbrush Beginner Tip

 Airbrushing 3 things you need to start

 Thin Any Acrylic Paint for Airbrush

 How To Airbrush | Complete Beginners Guide

 Five Airbrushing Tips You Need To Know

 Beginner Airbrush Problems SOLVED

 Airbrush Miniature Painting Tips I WISH SOMEONE TOLD ME



How to Carve a Wood Gnome

How to Carve a Tree for beginners

Chainsaw Carved Bear tutorial

Wooden Gates Chainsaw Carvings



Refurbishing Beautiful Carousel Horses

Carving the Animals for the Kingsport Carousel

Craig Swanson Carving


Carving Moose Antler

Beginning bone / antler carving 01 - Materials & introduction

Beginning bone / antler carving 02 - tools & a bit about safety

Bone carving burrs -Tutorial Part 1  ( inverted cone burr )

Bone carving burrs -Tutorial Part 2  ( cutting wheel burrs )

Bone carving burrs -Tutorial Part 3  ( cylindrical burrs )

Bone carving burrs - Tutorial Part 4  ( ball burrs )

Moose Antler Carving

Carving a howling wolf in moose antler

How to carve an eagles head into a moose antler - time lapse




Beginner Soapstone Cat Carving Teacher / Student Tutorial

Beginner Soapstone Carving Sea Turtle How To Tutorial, Great for all ages!

Soap Stone Carving Class - Cherokee Nation - Turtle

Matt Girty - Native American Stone Sculptor

Girty continues traditional art of stone carving

Soap Stone Quarry Archaeology Dig Part 2

Stone Carving Tools


ZOOM Video Training

How to Host a Zoom Meeting for the First Time UPDATED | How to Use Zoom

How to Use Zoom Safely - Simple Zoom Tips

How to Screen Share on Zoom | Easy Zoom Tips | 2021

Using Zoom Breakout Rooms | Beginner Zoom Tutorial | 2020

Zoom on Your Phone:  Joining with Zoom iPhone App | 2021




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